Interview with Valentin Nichiporenko, the owner of the Zhashkivsky equestrian sports complex PARADEALLURE

– Did the auction meet your expectations?
– I think that last year the level of horses was higher than today. All horses was bought. This year the commission licensed two stallions and four mares.

– What do you pay attention when you appreciate a horse?
– Immediately I look at her physical and psychological health. The horse must be strong and stable. Accordingly, the exterior and the quality of the jump are important, because it is intended for the cancan.

– When did you start an equestrian business?
– 20 years ago we came to Europe, bought the best breeds, brought it here and
took their technology. Can Ukrainians produce the Mercedes? Yes, they can. In America people create the Mercedes although this is a German car. We followed the same principle. We took the best technologies in Europe. As a result, our horses are absolutely the same.

– What is the difference between equestrian business in Europe and in Ukraine?
– I was at many international tournaments. I also visited the Westphalian factory. In Europe more horses are a high quality. A commission comes from the Westphalian Union. We invite German judges to evaluate the horses. The commission says that I am too self-critical and that we have a decent level of horses at Zhashkov complex.

– How do you predict the development of equestrian sport in Ukraine?
– I think that should be an initiative from the state, which is not have. But equestrian business is still developing, many stables and horse farms are being built. Thanks to the enthusiasm and the fact that some people invest their personal money.

– What is the secret of success in the equestrian business?
– Horse breeding is a technology and the secret of success is to adhere to it.